New Executive Position Added to C-Suite for Transformations

Josh Vignona
Josh Vignona

Josh Vignona, a resident of Lutz, Florida, serves as a senior manager for a business consulting firm. In addition to his professional life, Josh Vignona is a member of the Project Management Institute (PMI), an organization that advances project management worldwide.

A September 2022 PMI press release reported that many enterprise businesses had added the Chief Transformation Officer to their C-Suite (chief executive officer) positions. This report came out after research found that seven in 10 companies fail to meet business leaders’ expectations after implementing transformation efforts. Transformation refers to how a business changes its business operations management.

After surveying over 350 transformation leaders in 25 countries, the report found that the most successful transformations had well-planned visions, permanent transformation offices, and a transformation officer that reported to CEOs. Of the leaders who responded, 95 percent believe that the transformation officer role is essential to achieving transformation goals. Over 90 percent of the respondents said that a permanent transformation officer positively connected strategy with execution.


Off-the-Grid Trips Will Continue as a Travel Trend in 2023

Josh Vignona
Josh Vignona

A senior manager for a business consulting firm in Tampa, Florida, Josh Vignona has experience with program management, engagement, program management, and leadership. Outside of work, Josh Vignona enjoys traveling.

In 2023, insiders expect that the off-the-grid trip travel trend will increase. Some travel enthusiasts have reported the motivation to unplug from devices to reduce distractions and tune into nature.

As early as November 2021, Airbnb added the off-the-grid term to its search. Then, a March 2022 Independent article mentioned the uptick in travelers choosing to travel away from urban trappings by taking trips to remote hideaways, remote retreats, and campsites.

Furthermore, momentum continues increasing toward taking remote trips, with or without modern conveniences. In November 2022, 60 percent of travelers continued looking for hideaways that would allow them to unplug. Instead, travelers want to learn survival skills, such as foraging for food or lighting a campfire. Some travelers also plan to engage in camping and glamping (glamorous camping) experiences.

Biz-Leisure Is a Transition from Stringent Work Dress Codes

Josh Vignona

Josh Vignona is a business consultant with a record of delivering multinational business solutions and operational results to diverse clients in various industries. In addition to his professional endeavors, Josh Vignona is a supporter of biz-leisure.

At its core, biz-leisure entails dressing casually, conveniently, and flexibly for work. It is a trend that emerged from remote working due to the coronavirus pandemic. Before the pandemic, people allocated a significant portion of their wardrobes for work clothes. Crisp shirts, A-line dresses, neckties, and sharp blazers were some of the items.

A 2022 report by the human resources software company iCIMS said that millennial and Generation Z respondents expressed the need for a workplace culture that offers autonomy to employees in what they wear to work.

Biz-leisure is poised to nullify the long-standing precept that appearance is a criterion for job eligibility. Young people favor biz-leisure because they are inclined to support a casual dress code.

The Project Management Professional Certification

Josh Vignona
Josh Vignona

A business consultant who works in healthcare and medical technology firms, Josh Vignona has nearly 20 years of experience. To affirm his expertise in project management, Josh Vignona has earned a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification from the Project Management Institute (PMI).

Though the PMI offers many project management certifications, the PMP is the broadest, allowing for utility across industries and organizational roles. Depending on their location, test takers can choose either an online or in-person exam. The exam combines knowledge of predictive, agile, and hybrid methodologies and soft skills. Examples include leadership styles, conflict management, and evaluation of project success, both during and after completion.

To take the PMP exam, candidates apply through PMI. Those with a college degree must show they possess at least 35 hours of experience in project management spread over at least 36 months. Applicants with a high school degree need the same number of hours of experience but distributed over 60 months. Applicants also describe their projects in detail so PMI can confirm their expertise.

PMI’s New Business Architect Micro-Credential for Citizen Developers

Josh Vignona

Josh Vignona is an experienced Tampa, Florida, strategic consultant who works with companies of all sizes in developing and executing transformative business plans. Credentialed through the Project Management Institute (PMI), Josh Vignona has utilized its industry resources and certification programs.

In 2022, PMI launched a new Business Architect micro-credential within its PMI Citizen Developer resource suite. The latter is a set of platform-agnostic educational materials that includes best practices, methodologies, and standards for the global industry. It consists of the original courses PMI Citizen Developer and PMI Citizen Developer Foundation.

With the Business Architect course, PMIs focus is on providing tools for applications that enable citizen development across organizations in an effective and scalable manner. It involves the process of garnering stakeholder collaboration within various organizational structures and their IT governance processes.

This micro-credential course meets an urgent need. Corporate IT departments are stretched thin, with the US facing a deficit of a half million software developers. Creating a system of citizen development provides a way of generating new workforce solutions that complement and augment existing IT protocols.

PMI Report Points to Importance of Chief Transformation Officer Role

Josh Vignona
Josh Vignona

Based in Tampa, Florida, Josh Vignona guides a business consultancy that provides strategic insights and operational results to diverse clients. Active in his profession community, Josh Vignona is a Project Management Institute (PMI) member, which provides advanced certification in the field.

In September 2022, PMI teamed up with Accenture on a Brightline Initiative report that identifies the chief transformation officer as an emerging and vital role in many companies. As the report portrays, enterprise transformation is driven by several connected factors: collaborative, competitive, value-focused, explorative, and schedule-focused.

A survey within the report encompassing 350 transformation leaders and 18 industries worldwide found that successful changes are implemented by taking a well-formulated vision and placing it in the hands of a specialized executive who reports to the CEO. Within this context, some 95 percent of survey respondents agreed with the statement that a chief transformation officer role is an essential facet of meeting operational goals. They also decided that permanent transformation offices are better at aligning strategy and execution across multiple initiatives than teams formed ad-hoc.

Millennials Drive Trend toward Travel That Combines Business, Leisure

Josh Vignona and friends

Experienced in diverse facets of commercial strategy, Josh Vignona is an established Tampa business consultant. One focus for Josh Vignona is the emerging synergies between business and leisure components of travel.

In the summer of 2022, travel finally neared pre-pandemic levels for holidays such as the Fourth of July and Memorial Day. An increasing number of travelers also added days to their business trips, taking advantage of emerging workplace flexibilities. This trend has been dubbed by the media “bleisure.” A Bridge Street Global Hospitality survey indicates that more than half of millennials, the workforce’s largest segment, have gone on bleisure trips, with 90 percent intending to experience bleisure in the future.

One factor in this is that millennials are not as likely to be married as past generations, and are often childless, which gives them more freedom in terms of destination and length of stay. In addition, with the rise of smartphones and other ways of seamlessly booking stays and tours, millennials tend to feel confident in travel that involves minimal planning. Whether it’s online reviews or GPS-enabled phone navigation to local sightseeing, a host of information is always at one’s fingertips.

Finally, many companies these days encourage combining business with leisure, leading to happier and more productive workers. Carrying culturally enriching experiences back to the workplace, employees also gain a more rounded view of the world around them.

Transformative Life Science Trends from the Pandemic

Josh Vignona
Josh Vignona

Based in Tampa, Florida, Josh Vignona has experience in medical life sciences marketing, sales, and technology. Market-focused, Josh Vignona maintains a close watch on trends and developments in the life science sphere.

While the pandemic represented a major health crisis with no ready solution, it did accelerate the development of next-generation approaches to drug devel andell as the creation of more integrated digital systems for enabling pharmaceutical product release to those in need of specific medications. One reason this was possible was that major science industry competitors, such as Sanofi and Pfizer, came together to develop, test, and release an effective vaccine within a 12-month timeframe instead of the usual decade-plus.

Video call doctor

Because of the social distancing mandates and the necessity of remote work among many health care practitioners, remote monitoring processes also came to the fore. These spanned wearable devices, sensors, and telehealth. Thd result is an integrated sharing of medical information among providers in diverse geographical locales and patient-specific care effectively delivered anywhere on earth. This approach also yields more real-world data on drugs and patients’ interactions with them than the types of clinical studies that have traditionally been the norm.

What Is Bleisure Travel?

Josh Vignona

A resident of Lutz, Florida, Josh Vignona serves as a senior manager of commercial strategy and business transformation in Tampa’s leading business consultancy firm. Josh Vignona is an active practitioner and supporter of bleisure travel.

True to its name, the term “bleisure” combines the two most distinct forms of travel – business and leisure. First coined in 2009 by The Future Laboratory, a London-based business consultancy, it gained popularity in 2016, with Expedia research from the same year reporting over 40 percent of all domestic and international business travels as bleisure trips.

A bleisure trip usually involves a business traveler who extends their stay to engage in leisure activities, including sightseeing, relaxing, or going to entertainment venues and events. Furthermore, some workplaces allow their employees’ friends and families to accompany them.

Bleisure appears to benefit all parties involved – business travelers, employers, and the travel and hospitality industry. The first can get some rest and take advantage of flights and accommodation covered by their company. Permitting bleisure travel may aid employers in boosting company employees’ morale, increasing the number of company employees willing to travel on business trips, and enhancing productivity and retention rates. And for the travel and hospitality industry, bleisure travel translates into visitors prolonging their stays and, consequently, spending more money.